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“us” conversations

Posted on: February 14, 2008

From the catholic marriage prep class, we’ve learned that couples spending time talking about “us” in the general population was something like 30 minutes/day. It’s our inside joke now when ever we talk about something random or criticize each other (read: complain), then we would say “well, that’s an us conversation.”

– Son, you know, the way to figure out where things are in the house is through understanding how the other person’s mind works.
– ….
– So for example, the reason why I’m able to find your stuffs is because I follow your train of logic, and analyze your organization style
– Well babe, your organization style is “there’s a free space, *tuck*”
– Yes, yes, that’s how you organize things: “there’s a free space, *tuck*”
– … ! I’m not talking to you anymore.

2 Responses to "“us” conversations"

hahaha, same here .. chổ no dư th nht vo

ahahahahha opsssss me too:))))

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