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the rich inner life of dreams…

Posted on: April 28, 2008

idlehouse: me dreamt
idlehouse: some event at home in VN on 2nd floor where there was the color tv
idlehouse: TV was on, room was dark
idlehouse: Son jumped on moi while me was lying under blankets watching TV and proceeded to humpo
idlehouse: me said “ssshhhh, there are people here!”
idlehouse: Son said it’s ok, no one notices, what a turn on
idlehouse: but me position on bed wasn’t stable
idlehouse: so pretty soon, both of us te’ bo^? ngu+?a onto the ground
idlehouse: and the impact was so great that at the time of the fall, me hand was on his shalf
idlehouse: after the fall, me hand was holding his shaft – detached from him
idlehouse: no blood or anything, and interestingly, Son turns into Tin at this point
idlehouse: and me gave it back to Tin and said “ssshhhh, just take this and rush to ER right now, hurry!”
idlehouse: Tin took his manhood and left
idlehouse: but me kept on seeing him walking back and forth at door
idlehouse: no go anywhere
idlehouse: me =
idlehouse: so went out there asking him, why haven’t you gone ??
thadieu: ssshhhh, me’sh trying to stop laughing too loud in office
idlehouse: Tin said he decided to ask for MOM’S opinion first
idlehouse: and between mom and some ba’c, they thought they could reattach it at home using co+m or something !
idlehouse: da’n !
idlehouse: me = super duper pissed by then
idlehouse: screaming at him ME DOCTOR’S WIFE, me KNOW for a fact that you must go tto ER and get it surgically reattached
idlehouse: ASAP, or it won’t work
idlehouse: so Tin said OK OK and went to ER
idlehouse: me drove mom in old mazda car to follow
idlehouse: dr. came out said he did his best, but not sure if it will work 100% because Tin came in too late
idlehouse: he waited too long…
idlehouse: there you have it!
idlehouse: on Tin’s bday
thadieu: MUST document this
thadieu: MUST!!

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