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Posted on: June 19, 2008

on the subject of feng-sui

– someone said something a while ago about VietNam’s feng-sui I think, kinda similar.
– what did they say ?
– that the geographical shape of VN is that of a dragon,
– …
– a dragon sitting on something – what was it, I can’t remember – sitting on top of … hmmm… damn, on top of something else … let me think….
– ao co ?
– what ?
– ao co ? Like the story you tell, no ? That’s how you get all the kids…?

(translation: ao co = Âu Cơ)

– awww… I think we’ve just lost track of the cell-phone-guy.
– that one is not him?
– naw… I think he might have left us, that guy must have been going at 90mph or something.
– oh… ok.
(30 min later, at some random exit)
– OH OH, I think that’s the cell-phone-guy exiting
– No way, how do you know?
– I know, I know him.
– There are tons of identical silver newish looking cars on the road, just so you know.
– Nooo… but I know this guy, it’s him
– Really? You saw him inside the car from all the way back ?
– Yeah, tall, white guy, talks on cell phone.
– Well this white guy is blond, I think yours was brunette.
– b.s.!

(crossing IL state line, 20 min later)
– wow, I fucking hate IL, stupid fucking IL, god damn
– geez…
– I can now confirm that I absolutely can’t stand IL, I hate it.
– You know, I think you’re just anti social. I mean, this is the first densely populated state we have crossed up to date, and you immediately declare that you hate it.
– I’m not anti social. I guess I’m just anti densely populated areas.
– there you have it, anti social!

(crossing IN stateline)
– Oh wow, I’m so glad to be out of IL, stupid state, I feel much better already
– it’s all the same to me
– no way, haven’t you noticed that the air got so much brighter now as soon as we’ve crossed the stateline?
– I don’t think so…
(10 min later, in road construction traffic)
– wow, I fucking hate IN, this state suck, their road suck
– ya you can say that again
– the area is nice though, trees ands tuffs
– I wouldn’t live here. Miss IN was an airhead.

(in MI traffic caused by a bad bad slow driver who refused to move to the slower lane)
– amazing!
– look at that asshole!
– yeah, I mean, if he were in L.A., he would have been shot a few miles back!
– and no one is weaving in and out
– let me get a load of this (taking out camera) – wow MI people don’t have the traffic weaving skills of CA people….

(entering EST time zone)
– you know babe, when I think about it, it’s funny
– what is ?
– how many hours is VN ahead of us ?
– us Cali time or us east coast time?
– Cali time
– I think about 14 hours maybe…
– you know how you and I were both born in VN right?
– yeah?
– and we both moved over here
– uh huh?
– so we gained 14 hours, so even though we have just lost 3 hours this week, we still have 11 hours left…..

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