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Posted on: July 18, 2008

I dreamt last night that Tin was accepted into some kind of graduate program in England, so he was getting ready to leave the country. It was a mixed bag of emotions, and everyone were feeling a bit melancholic about. Tin bought his gf a cat before he leaves, a black cat. I was annoyed because I thought oh great, why can’t he just go and adopt one from the shelter? The cat was black and very cute though. The last night before his departure, Tin was out late, so we couldn’t spend much time with him. I also had to go home, and was waiting for someone to give me a ride. We were in our house back in VN for some reason. An and I were talking, and then Tin came home, but among my siblings, no one wanted to give me a ride home, citing that it was too late and they were all tired. I said, fine, lend me a bike, I’ll bike myself home. Huy said to use the mini bike, but that thing was just waaay too short for me, I couldn’t use it. Then An said, here, take my blue bike. I said “does it need anything?” An said “no no, it’s good, it’s ready to go.” Yeah right, the tires were both flat. An pulled out her pump and pumped it up, but I was thinking to myself, I’m sure it needs new tires, not just a pump. Didn’t stick around to find out what happened next, because the phone rang at 9 this morning.

It’s York college, scheduling an in person interview. I guess her vacation got cancelled next week, because she said I wouldn’t hear from her supposedly until August. Good. If things work out favorably, perhaps my trip to L.A. to help Chau out can be arranged…


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