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I had a dream

Posted on: August 30, 2008

something about someone’s wedding or something like that, where I decided that my visiting foster mom (some complete stranger in this dream), a pretty good seamstress, would help me sew some a’o da`i. By help I mean I was counting on her to do it ALL. But to show that I’m reasonable, I went as far as cutting up the pants following the measurements of all the old ladies involved. I’m not sure if this dream makes sense, because if it were my wedding in the dream, I don’t understand why I picked like 7 ladies who were all my mom’s age to showcase them in body-fitting a’o da`i with really colorful pattern and quite avant garde style , the main question is why I would pick 7 because in real life I find bridesmaids a drag. Probably it’s due to the influence of reading Cindy’s blog, her wedding coming up really soon, this weekend or next weekend I think. Anyways. Back to the dream. I ended up cutting the fabric as if I was making paper doll clothes, which means the pants, if sewn, would be stretched skintight and I’m not sure if any of them would fit any of these ladies at all. This was done on my nice fancy expensive fabric, so for the rest of my dream, i was trying to gauge my foster mom’s attitude to see if she would help me at all (she didn’t offer) but it didn’t seem like there was much option to remedy the damage. I was thinking of either just extend the pants with black fabric, or maybe just make them all wear black pants because they are old anyway, shouldn’t they wear something less flashy ?

My dreams are so filled with executive decisions.

I think Tu’ Quyen performance in the latest Paris by Night video is pretty good, her costumes not too crazy nor slutty. I don’t care about Luong Tung Quang’s singing, but he has a really cute mouth of teeth, so attractive. I like the original Un Myeong song in Korean much better, thought that Full House series bored me (one cool thing about learning chinese via a Ha’n Vie^.t dictionary is that after awhile, you can see Chinese roots in Korean and Japanese. Take “un Myeong” for example, I know the title means fate because it does sound like “va^.n. me^.nh” to me. If you take the word to Japanese, it’s also very similar, “unmei” – the u is short. That’s how I am able to pick up subjects of conversations every now and then, though I might not understand 90% of all other spoken words within the conversation. In case you’re ever curious, the Mandarin pronunciation of it is “yun ming,” I’m not sure about Cantonese ). I never made it through the 5th episode of Full House. Speaking of Korean soaps, I think Ti (Tram’s kid) kinda look like Bi-Rain in a recent picture… Those are my present opinions.



3 Responses to "I had a dream"

hahaha… trong mơ, chị cũng bận rộn nhỉ ;))
Nhn ảnh đng l hao hao, nhưng chu Ti của chị cute, cn ci anh g bn tri, mặt knh knh chảnh chọe thấy ght 😀
Chị I đ sửa được my khu rồi ? Chị đ xem Pride chưa?

ti`m ra ca’i hi`nh ke^nh kie^.u na`y la` ddo+~ la(‘m ro^`i ddo’, i la`m google image search cho “BiRain” co`n ra 1 mo+’ hi`nh semi naked w/ lo^ng vu~ ta’ la? nu+~a ki`a … ma` tha(`ng Ti ma(‘t to ga^’p ddo^i ma(‘t cha`ng Bi heh heh

ddang coi so+ so+ ma` be^n crunchyroll ho^m bu+~a load ho+i cha^.m …

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