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Posted on: September 5, 2008

thadieu: me’sh thinking of skipping smelly
idlehouse: on Fri
idlehouse : ya
idlehouse: too smelly
thadieu:and just stay until 1.30pm on sunday in DC
thadieu: should me tell Lu`n u’re around? do u want to meet her?
idlehouse: sure
idlehouse: me no mind
thadieu:she might wonder why me no hang out after thursday?
idlehouse: Son needs a place to stay in DC next year
idlehouse: tell her we go to church
idlehouse: republican church retreat
idlehouse: all weekend long
idlehouse: me go zz now dear
idlehouse: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
idlehouse: you say na’i na`i
idlehouse: na’i na`i now
idlehouse: now !!!
thadieu: na`i e^’t !


idlehouse: will you bring me stuffs for me ?
idlehouse: will you will you
thadieu: huh? u want moi to drag stuff for u from LA to boston to DC ??
idlehouse: ya
idlehouse: me want 1 thu`ng mi` go’i mama creamy
idlehouse: 1 thu`ng n’c ma(‘m 3 con cua
idlehouse: and also 2 ky’ gio` so^’ng
idlehouse: why you laughing ?
idlehouse: why why whyyyyyyy
thadieu: ok, me worko a li’ ddo^` dear
thadieu: meeting in 1/2 hr
thadieu: need to put together some xi` la`i
thadieu: but me can send u gio` so^’ng though
thadieu: UPS GROUND
idlehouse: u` u`
idlehouse: me sure + would really appreciate it
idlehouse: REALLY appreciate it
thadieu: u want moi to *freeze* them b4 hand, just so they have 2 days on groudn to chill
thadieu: or u want it hot fresh so cute little creatures can have party tu+ng bu+`ng
idlehouse: no, just put into ups ground and write RAW MEAT MUST SEND FAST EXTREMELY URGENT !!!!!!!
idlehouse: put all over the box
idlehouse: that will get them going

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