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I’m proud of my dreams

Posted on: November 24, 2008

If you are looking for a motivational message, this is not the right post.

I used to laugh at Chau when she was pregnant because she would have these super crazy dreams, many in which her xbf’s would come back and love her so tenderly telling her she was the love of their life and they can never ever let her go. One dream had Brad Pitt coming onto her and really tried to hit on her. Well now I’m crossing that bridge too!

Last night I dreamt that some B-class Korean singer (rising star mind you) fell in love with me in some lengthy drawn out k-drama fashion. I think I volunteered for a group and got assigned to help him out because his duet singer didn’t show up or something, and so I served as a stand-in for rehearsal, aside from assisting him with all kinds of secretarial tasks. Don’t ask me why B-class Korean singers would have a need for a volunteer organization instead of fans. You should have seen what An got stuck with. While she was in the same group with me, she got paired up with my mom and had to play stand-in mental health therapist to a bunch of depressed and anxious people.

Anyway, my sweet B-Kboy had this peculiar way of leaving tasks for me. he would arrange them all on the floor on a trail, ending with what needs to be done first, which is always a pen that I need to pick up, then I would see a piece of paper, on which I would need the pen to help him fill out, and so on. I didn’t quite get it until the end, when everything was over and I had a sense that he was really sweet on me, so when he said i needed to help him complete writing a performance review and feedback report for my organization, rating my performance, I said OK, it should be quick, lemme go pack my stuffs first. He said he has to take a shower, and I would find the stuffs in his office. I went into his office and saw a longass paper trail on the floor again, ending with a pen. So I picked up the pen at the end of the trail, then picked up a large card that was next in line. On the card was cute B-Kboy hand writing (sky blue ink!) expressing his admiration for my love & devotion to Son and the bond both of us have (see, I’m not such a slut after all, I still remember that I’m married), and that he knows nothing can ever come between us hence he would have no chance, so he can only stand on the outside looking in, etc. etc. Then towards the end, he said “…even if I ever lose everything that is essentially me, my personality, my likes and dislikes, my memories, I know for sure that I will still love you all the same. Because you are that lovable – anyone would fall in love with you.” That’s what make my dreams unique. Only I can say that kind of shit. No boy has ever been capable of writing music to my ears the same way I can. Awww cute B-Kboy was so sweet.

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