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Entry for May 31, 2009

Posted on: May 31, 2009

Son has May since 12 and about 4 of those hours = her sleeping. I’m so happy. Today we saw May asleep in the Amby hammock for the very first time. We learned quite a bit from Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. Son got the jiggling down, and I got the “swinging” part down. We put her into the Amby and swung vigorously. I used to just gently swung her,and she would lay in there but not fall asleep. When we rev up the momentum, it got her to sleep. It’s not a miracle maker by any stretch for us yet, because she would only sleep in there for short stretches and does wake up during transition, however, I think it’s all mechanical, and i’m fine tuning the Amby to make sure that the swinging will be as smooth as possible.

I’m still keeping up with putting her into the Mobywrap everyday. She’s getting used to it. She settles down fairly quickly, but does not stay in there indefinitely. I think her average is about 1.5 hours. That’s 30 minutes walking like a maniac, then coming home dancing madly if she cries, then if she goes back to sleep, I get to eat breakfast and do the dishes and take out the trash. With the Amby, I get to brush my teeth and change into walking clothes.

Son’s the master of putting May to sleep. He does a much better job than me, because he’s more patient. I’m more the putting her into the Moby and dance around the apt type, I’m not the carrying and walking back and forth time. I mean, I’m willing to do that, but something about my pace or my gait or my body or whatever gets to her, and it’s more difficult for her to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Last night she slept from before midnight to 4:45am. I got her up at 4:45 because her diaper was full. I fed her and then both of us were out at 6am to 9am 🙂

We have many miracles going on right now, one of them being “red cross.” The 888 room calls chi. Oanh “red cross” because 1 week after my mother in law left, she drove 70 miles to see me, stocked my fridge with fresh food and homecooked VNese food, tidied up my house a bit, and would help me do whatever I need to have done. She got the Amby from craigslist for us when I couldn’t pick it up, and she also held May and put her through 2 hours of blissful nap while Son and I passed out. I knew chi. Oanh through the chatboard as a friend of another net friend, so it wasn’t as if I have done anything for her in the past to deserve this kindness. The only thing I know to do in life, it seems, so far, is to gratefully accept kindness and be happy. I’ll try my best to go above and beyond when it’s time for me to return the favor.

Two nurses at Son’s hospital have also given us their email and phone number, with an offer that should I need help, contact them and they’ll come by after work to help me for an hour or two. I’m taking them up on it this Tuesday when I need to pick up CSA stuffs. Maybe i’ll ask them to do the pick up for me.


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