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for June 06, 2009

Posted on: June 6, 2009

at 6weeks, you have your social smiles well established with me and with others as well. you have begun “talking” to me a few times. You are highly interested in black/white patterns, and has taken the liking to your [broken] mobile. we are trying to buy areplacement one for you off craigslist because that mobile isnot currently in stock anywhere. you enjoy car rides more, either that or i have figured out that if i jiggle your car seat, you would fall asleep on a good day.

we wentto costco today with you. your dad wore you in a baby bjorn and you fell blissfully asleep the whole time. which was nice, because we purposely went to costco so you could sleep in an a/c’ed place. i pray fervently that theacidreflux goesaway so you can sleep in peace, but no matter what, we will walk up and down day and night with you to make sure you get the rest your body needs. you have been sleeping in the moby on me for 3 hours now. it makes me happy to count them as i pace the house.

i usedto tell myself that i neededto reach 6 weeks, thatsomehow once i get past this mark, this mothering business will turn out ok. well i’m still learning, but seeing your smiles and how you recognizes my existence makes every struggle a blessing, as long as i have you.


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