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Posted on: June 17, 2009

we are now:
1 year away from the Bay Area (sighs… homesickness haunts me everyday)
approaching 8 weeks of May’s existence
done with Son’s Internship year
poor, but with tons of luxurious shits in our household that we have never even cared for until May’s arrival: humidifier, AC units, air purifiers, electric fans. Talk about ungreen.

Yahoo36o is closing. I still have not managed to imported my blog into wordpress, mainly because my blog is something like 35MB, and the max allowable size is 15MB.

I’m going to take the bus to get SOMEWHERE with May, one of these days. Screw these fucking non-sidewalk streets. Of course we’ll have to wait until Fall, when May is older, and when the weather is more favorable to such endeavors.

I’m also going to reorganize the house. Will move all stuffs storage room into closet and Son’s office. Let Son move his desk into living room (bedroom), then steam vac the storage room, put some mats (probably from Costco?) onto the whole floor, and turn that into sleep room where May and I will nap and do our sleeping at night. This is what Christina did for her 2 children, who were also difficult sleepers. Being on the floor works best at this point, because although I have sidecarted the crib, it’s too uncomfortable. May doesn’t sleep in the crib anyway.

I got chi. Chi’s baby monitor to work, so now we have a baby monitor unit.
May and I managed to get homemade pho to Son for lunch today, and got tons of chores done at home in the kitchen, and got her hours of nap. The only thing amiss ? Son didn’t get to eat what we brought for him until 2 hours later, courtesy of new patient admit. Blah.

CSA is going well, though I obviously don’t have time to take pics of our weekly finds. This week we got: spinach, lettuce, strawberries, baby salad mix, green onions, parsley (I frankly don’t know what to do with parsleys), swisschards, garlic flower thingie scapes, snowpeas, snap peas, broccoli. I’m about to drown in salad mix. Will donate to Les this weekend. My cooking leaves lots to be desired lately. LIke this afternoon, I simply tossed swisschard+garlic scapes+spinach into pan for a quick sautee with some oil. It didn’t taste like anything, and I just gobbled it down with rice and something else salty, and called that a meal.

OK, I think May’s nap is coming to an end. I hit a jackpot tonight: I got her to fallasleep right when Son came out of his shower, and he was able to hold her for 1.5 hr nap. So, we got our nap quota for the day, Son got to surf the web, and I got to blog (I did bathe, cleaned, cooked, etc. too).


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