i know what you mean!


Posted on: June 19, 2009

light sleep
deep sleep
REM sleep
non REM sleep
sleep cycles
night terrors

I know them all.
I’ve read books on infant sleep, adult sleep, sleep disorder, sleep patterns, sleep help. I have scoured forums and talked to people. Some mornings I spend lying next to my infant as she struggles to slay asleep, i find myself not filled with ecstatic love for her or moved to tears by her restlessness. Instead I compile a list of enemies. I hate motorcycles and I hope the guy who rides noisily through this neighborhood either move away or get into an accident whichever is sooner, because he wakes my child up. I hate phone calls that come to my number because everyone fucking thinks that we are the Salvation Army. I finally put the ringer off. I hate the hot weather. I want to kill that damn fly that keeps on buzzing away in some corner of the room… Time here passes when May sleeps. When she wakes up from her sleep, if it were a good nap, then time stops because she’s so cute. If she wakes up because someone/something rouses her, time stops because I’m ready to murder. Whoever whatever wakes May up, I want to murder that person/thing and shred their carcass as an afterthought.

Sleep around here is passionate, vengeful, lustful, and anything but calm and mellow. Last night was quite sleep deprived.


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