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coming to terms

Posted on: June 30, 2009

with failures. We successfully introduced the bottle to May for 3 days last week.  Then I heated up the milk too hot and let Son feed her at bed time, when she typically get fed by me after a bath.  Then I let her see me when Son was trying to feed her.  As of Sunday, she no longer takes the bottle.  Monday’s battle was total loss.  Today’s battle was too.  When I looked at her smiling at me happily after I fed her, I realized it’s not important whether she takes the bottle anymore.  Why put Son through hours of a distressed baby.  I don’t think I’ll go anywhere for more than 1 hr without May anyway.  I will continue to offer the bottle and try to teach her to accept it, in my own time, when May is happy.  I’m sorry, May.  I’m sorry that I put you through such unnecessary pains. I’m sorry that I made Son suffer 3 days with May screaming for 1+ hrs.  She’s constantly growing and changing, in a year’s time, there won’t be any more talks of bottles.


5 Responses to "coming to terms"

maybe she is not yet accustomed to Son’s scent. Perhaps you should leave her with him more often…then she will get used to him.

I gotta say, I am glad you moved over to wordpress…easier for us to leave comments!

I totally agree with Trang. I couldn’t find the comment section in 360..hate 360!! heheh

my sister in law strictly breastfed her son until 18 months and introduced the cup after that, no bottle for him ever. Whatever floats your boat little baby!

yayyy, you are here.

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