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Posted on: July 5, 2009

at 10 weeks, you have different cries, most noticeable, the “omg I worked so hard to fall asleep but how dare you disturb me” or the other version of it, “…. how dare I disturb myself” cry.  It’s heart wrenching gut twisting wail that would melt the hardest of hearts.  Like awwwww poor baby.  But if I let it escalate, eventually all cries would park at the door of the Original Infant Scream (OIS) that tend to wake your father up, who would then lovingly stroke your tummy or head, while shushing you to no avail.  The vacuum cleaner still works with you, so if your father is not around, I tend to lay there and watch you scream for a minute or two in a “geez this kid has gotta learn to chill!” sort of disbelief, then when my annoyance passes, I turn on the vacuum cleaner and watch you stare out into space peacefully.

You continue to babble a lot, which is really cute.  About once or twice a day, for whatever reason, you decide to talk during nursing time, so you would suck, then, while still latched on, you would dispense musical sounds at me.  I would respond, then you talk some more, I respond…. on and on we go.  During these conversations, your tone is different from other conversations we have throughout the day.  You “talk'” differently in different setting.  If I hold you very close to my face and use a very soft voice, you would whimper very softly in a singsong kind of way.  If I talk excitedly to you using lots of movement, you talk louder and make more gutural sounds.

You smile lots.  Your kicks are quite powerful.  You roll from side to tummy or side to back, but have yet mastered the back to side roll.  You still hate tummy time. Only once did I see you lift your head *almost* up the way tummy time should be spent.  The rest of the time you just cry angrily while your legs keep on pushing your body forward.  For this reason, I only give you tummy time once a day at most, usually for just a minute.  I figure it’s ok since we carry you over the shoulder a lot, and you always hold your head up to look around, on our shoulders or in the moby.  You don’t lay on your back to nap anyway, so no worries about flat head.  To my delight, sometimes I catch you sleeping on your back at night, but mostly you are still on your side, facing me, typically face on or under my boob.  At least that way I know for sure it’s not flat against the mattress.

We have officially outgrown NB size clothes.  At 12.5 lbs, you now wear 3-month clothes.  They are still long on you, but they fit width-wise.

Sweetie, you look so different in different settings.  when you sleep in the moby, you look different.  When you sleep in the amby, you look different; when you sleep next to me on the bed, you look different.  When you look at me, you look different; when you rest on your father’s shoulder, you look different, when you smile or talk to me, you look different.  You still have your reflexive smiles, and those look different too.  Just now you stretched your neck from the moby, your face facing me like a little chick, your eyes are still closed, then you bang your head against my chest, falling back into your sleep.  You looked uber cute.


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