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Posted on: July 5, 2009

since May is still sleeping and I have 2 hands free (bouncing with feet alone seems enough for her today), I might as well do catch up blogging. With Son at home this weekend, we had a nice productive day today. Son got May to nap for 1.5+ hours this morning, so I used the time to clean the kitchen and mop the floor so we could put some of May’s stuffs in there. She and I spend more time in the kitchen these days, especially earlier in the day when it’s not too hot. I usually put her into the bouncer while I brush my teeth, wash the dishes, clean the counter, and make some food. Then, if she is still happy, I would sit down on the floor next to her bouncer and eat while talking/playing with her. In the evening, if we have enough time, Son and I would do the samething with May, where we sit down and have dinner together, on the floor.

After May woke up, I made some rice vermicelli w/ eggrolls while May watched from her bouncer (well, first she was on the playmat/gym, but she got bored quickly). After the meal, we cleaned a bit more, then May went into the moby since a bit before 3. She’s still asleep right now, sweet.

So far this past week has been very nice weather-wise. Not too muggy. We have begun the sleep room project. Will complete it once An takes crippled away. Tomorrow, after her 1st nap, I plan to take her to visit baby Sophie, Kari’s baby girl who is 1 month younger than May. Kari is my excoworker from York College. We got a long very well and still keep in touch after I quit. The 30 minute drive to her house should be… interesting.

May’s on Zantac now. Just to see if it does anything to her quality of life. I didn’t know it, but Zantac for infants apparently can cause drowsiness. SWEET. Not. God punishes me for such sinful thoughts, so it has had no effect on May. Or I can’t tell. Like, right after I give the nasty stuffs to her, I put her into the Moby and she goes to sleep. As usual. I have not dared to just put her down on the bed. Cuz, you know, she’ll cry for sure. I need a white noise machine. Fucker with motorcycle lives right across from us, ugh. York is hometown to the Harley Davidson plant, oh fuck me,

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