i know what you mean!


Posted on: July 7, 2009

looking has become a pleasurable activity for you now, so you love going out.  you still scream you head off in the carseat 50% of the time, but some of it has reasons (too hot, boring) and i could guess some of them to remedy in time. you love it if i strap you in and just lug you around – anywhere, even indoor.  too bad carseat must weighs like 50#, so i can’t use it as a viable method to induce sleep.  you talk more these days and for longer duration this week.  An got a taste of your vocabulary ranges this morning.

You love gazing at green leaves on trees.  we try our best to take you out on cooler evenings.  will take pics this weekend for you.  in 2 weeks, your Mary Poppins will arrive.


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