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waking up to the world

Posted on: July 13, 2009

we need to have the sleep room asap with black out curtains.  May is waking up to the world, which means she’s waaay too distracted to sleep now.  She was clearly tired and sleepy this afternoon, but as I put her down in bed and attempted to nurse her to sleep, she constantly delatched to stare at the ceiling, my shirt, the pillow, the light on the ceiling, the wall, the curtains… you name it.  I put her into the Moby to help her shut out the stimuli, but she put up a big fight so I got so tired, took her out and placed her in the middle of the bed so I could regroup.  This room is a work in progress because we are not done cleaning up yet, as the result, it’s full of things to intrigue and dazzle her.  In day light, as hard as I have tried to put up curtains, it’s still not dark enough.

Instead of napping her 2nd nap, she’s now talking to the ceiling light.  Instead of parenting her to sleep, I sit here writing this because I feel like screaming.

In other news, she was holding her fist up to closely observe it this morning, very cute.  she was so concentrated and still, I thought it was her new sleep position. Turns out she was bringing the fist to her eye level to study it, except she was also lifting her other fist and her 2 legs as well.

She’s still talking.  To the bedding now.  I think I will go to clean up the room now.


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