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i love you jackieeeeee

Posted on: July 16, 2009

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jackie chow: I am going to FAIL YOUR TEST!
jackie chow: D:
idlehouse: no way!!
idlehouse: i have faith in you!!!
jackie chow: well, I clicked on May’s test
jackie chow: and I’m already confused about the first question!
jackie chow: Me?
jackie chow: May?
jackie chow: May’s age isn’t an option!
idlehouse: d
jackie chow: she’s not 1 yet!
jackie chow: Jackie is so confused!
idlehouse: therein lies your lifelong struggle
idlehouse: said the wise one
jackie chow: very true
jackie chow: xD
jackie chow: uh oh…loading
idlehouse: come on jackie
idlehouse: you be my soulmate
idlehouse: be mine be mine
jackie chow: …it keeps “loading”
idlehouse: bad wifi
idlehouse: no info received
jackie chow: HAHA!!!  One right answer!
jackie chow: I bet it’s the one you gave me
idlehouse: judas!
jackie chow: Matthew!
jackie chow: wait…you TOLD me the wrong answer!
jackie chow: You said D!
idlehouse: dont call His name in vain
jackie chow: but the answer was E!
jackie chow: oh, the only one I got right WAS I love you
jackie chow: that’s funny
idlehouse: ya!!
idlehouse: love
jackie chow: Ooooh, Man, that was clear
idlehouse: is the answer
jackie chow: I should have chosen that answer
jackie chow: the “yes” ones…WHAT!?
idlehouse: to ALL in life
idlehouse: remember thayt
idlehouse: many times in life
jackie chow: oh, your quiz IS may’s quiz
idlehouse: you get different shades of yes
idlehouse: that’s the moral
jackie chow: the answer always has the word “May” in it?
idlehouse: “yes”
jackie chow: oh, but that doesn’t work..
jackie chow: yar
idlehouse: poor juk
idlehouse: at least your heart i in the right place
jackie chow: T______T
jackie chow: OK, gotta get dressed and run down to the train
jackie chow has signed out. (7/16/2009 6:50 PM)


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