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Posted on: July 25, 2009

guess who is 3 month old – exactly 13 weeks – today?  We got you a Homedics Sound Spa machine, set it on “mother heart beat” and you slept beautifully last night.  Additionally, I made sure you were well rested during day time yesterday, then between the naps, I took you out and let you look at people and things to your heart’s content.  You didn’t cry in your carseat and even finished your third nap while we were in Bed Bath&Beyond.  (Incidentally, I think BBB or Crate&Barrow or Pier 1 are great stores for hatchlings to hang out in.  Museums and such would be too.  May had a great time in the framed art section at BBB yesterday.  Of course we are talking about flowery or Zen or home sweet home sort of art, not the postmodern mess An and I once saw at Centre Pompidou, ugh.)

This morning you woke up gassy but otherwise in a great mood.  After the usual massage, pooping, gaspassing, diaper changing, and a bit of playing with lots of babblings, I served breakfast at 8:45 and you went straight to your first nap, meal in mouth, and did not wake until 10:20ish.  At noon you had lunch and fell into one of your more formidable snooze while nursing, something that is rarer and rarer these days because things around us distract you.  At 12:40 you woke up,  lots of yawns but would not settle down in the moby until a good 30 minutes later, but sleep pretty well once you did.


2 Responses to "3!"

Way to go May! Happy 3 month, cutie.

Yay…3 tha’ng da`i dda(ng dda*(?ng cho me. Bo`n…ma` ca’i lu*ng mo?i mo`n…ddi.u con.

Tui ke^’t em SM cu?a em qua’!

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