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what soulmate really means

Posted on: July 30, 2009

I have always said that An is my soulmate, and that the people I would really love to have around to help me out with May would be either my mother in law or An (can’t realistically ask for other sisters because they have children already), preferably An because she can tolerate messiness better than my mother in law.  So far An has been taking care of May whenever I need her to or when I need a break.  She can put May to nap if needed, can bottle feed May up to 1.5 oz before the angry babe makes her point, and really excel at wearing May out so that she goes down for naps or sleep with less resistance.  An can also cook (boil stuffs), clean (fridge, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, sink), take out garbage, run errants, and basically available at my beck and call.  She makes sure that I have something to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  She heats up my food and serve them to me if I’m busy with May.  She clears out the dishes when I’m done, brings me water when I breastfeed, prop pillows up around me when I feed May lying down, checks on me periodically to make sure we are wont for nothing.

When I introduce her to people, I say “this is my sister, my soulmate,”  An smirks and says “yeah, slave.”


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What a wonderful sister!

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