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15 weeks

Posted on: August 8, 2009

a day in the life of…

10:30 a.m. May wakes up and ready for the day, bright eyes and all smiles. Me = groggy from 4 hours of composite sleep in spite of lying there next to May from 8:30pm the night before until 10:30 a.m. when she woke up.

11:15 a.m. May yawns, put her into the Amby and swinging her to sleep

11:45 am. Falls asleep in the Amby

12:35 pm May wakes up from her first nap. Nurse.

1pm Take May to the weekly farmer’s market so she can people-watch

2pm Return home

2:30pm Nurse

3:00pm nurse in bed to attempt nap #2

3:30pm She’s not having it. Still awake but is getting more and more tired

3:50pm Finally falls asleep in the Moby

5:00pm Wakes up in the Moby but I shove her head back into the folds – oh no you don’t!

5:02pm goes back to sleep in Moby

6:00pm wakes up for the 2nd time, but I dance the dance of “you shall not wake up!”

6:01pm goes back to sleep in Mob

6:50pm May slowly wakes up

7:05pm May is now fully awake, take her out of Moby but carry her around the room a bit to show her various things

7:10pm Nurse

7:20pm Take May out for a brief walk

7:30pm Attempt to nurse again

7:45pm hand May off to Son for some floor time

8:15pm May has had it with this tummy time business, cries.

8:20pm Bath time. She’s having a blast.

8:30pm Cries angrily as soon as she realizes that she is no longer in the bathtub and clothes are being put on her. Budding nudist I guess.

8:50pm Nurse to sleep

10:00pm done with nursing, can’t sleep, cries

10:15pm cries

10:18pm hands in mouth, babbling

10:20pm smiles

10:22pm cries

10:25pm Son picks her up, she’s happy

10:30pm cries, no longer happy being picked up

10:35pm back on bed, crying

10:37pm hands in mouth, babbling

10:39pm smiles…


(….) you get the idea

11ish: finally settles down to nurse to sleep

11:30pm sleeps

3am fusses for boob

3am-7am: sleeps with boob in mouth in conjunction with kicking, tossing, tugging, fussing.

7am; wakes up after pooping. I hand her off to Son who rubs her tummy to ease gas, rocks and sings to her on the rocker…

8am: take her back from Son thinking that she might be ready for nap again. Nope, she’s not having it.

8:30am: finally she is ready to sleep. Nurse her to sleep

9:00am – 11:10am: sleeps with boob in mouth.

11:15am: wakes up all smiling and bright eyes, ready for the day.


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