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16 weeks today

Posted on: August 15, 2009

Your sleep development seems to have advanced, but that’s not to say we struggle less these days.  You are able to close your eyes and try to go back to sleep if you wake up mid cycle or in between cycles.  You fall asleep more often in the carseat now (you did 30 minutes today) and the crying in carseat has dropped to about 10%, meaning that we can now safely bet that you don’t cry (unless you’re sleepy or hungry).  This is for short trips only.  An has given me a tip – with long trips, pack a bottle that way if you are hungry, I can give it to you while in the the car.

Last night started off so beautifully, but you tossed and turned so much after 2a.m.  At 6 a.m., I checked your diaper and it had leaked through.  After I changed your diaper and moved you, you were still asleep, but because of the leak, I had to change your gown too, and that got you wide a wake. Sighs.  You didn’t go back to sleep until near 10a.m. when we ran the vacuum.  I was so exhausted that after Son took over caring for you so I could sleep, I couldn’t.  I just felt sick instead.

An has also given me a great tip – give you a small burp cloth so you can hold it in your hands always.  Half of the time you end up sucking on the cloth instead of your head, and that means the cloth absorb all of your saliva.  I’m constantly chasing after you to dab your mouth dry in fear of a drool rash.   You still have not turned over successfully yet.  I guess that;s what it means to have 75-90% weight stats.  Your 4th month check up is coming up in 10 days.  I need to make an appointment for you.  Poor baby will get jabbed with needles again…

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