i know what you mean!

i do catch up blogging when she has a good nap day

Posted on: August 21, 2009

I’m on the rocker rocking away. May is attached to me by the Moby, Kangaroo style. I read all the blogs 2x times already. No one has updated facebook in the last hour. What to do ?


5 random things for the sake of writing:

1. I share the same birthday with Maggie Smith and Ngoc Lan (VNese pop singer), both of whom I like.

2. Currently my most realistic worries are concerning ripping a fart so loud that would wake May up. I think I might just kill myself it that happens. I’m not particularly prone to this sort of thing, but I still fear it.

3. I clip May’s nails while she’s awake and active, and I tell her “your finger nails are my genes, they are broad and uneven in the corners, but just trim them well, keep them short and clean, and you’ll love them like I do.”

4. Chau reads my blog daily so now I have to be careful not to talk craps about her otherwise she won’t send me stuffs 😛

5. My answer for people who look down on others when they wear clothes with company’s brand name/logo printed boldly a` la “I don’t see the point of wearing clothes with the brand name/logo on the chest” is this: I sometimes have those pieces because I got them on clearance for 75% or more off, plus additonal 25-33% off and although I would care less for the texts, the clothes ended up looking damn fine on me, I’d be a fool not to buy them.

There are many points to wearing brandnames, some of which are displaying status and being superficial. Of course saying out right “them bitches flaunting BEBE shirts are annoying the hell out of me because I find them so superficial and shallow compared to me who is much more refined” would make the opining sound not so nice, so instead of saying things directly, they say not what they mean? But I know what you mean!

Bonus #6: Son just informed me that he’ll have to stay over night at the hospital this Sunday too, as if being on call Saturday and Sunday all day is not enough. Which fucktard is responsible for this piece of crappy news? I’d like to have his head.


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