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17 weeks

Posted on: August 22, 2009

May’s sleep continues to be great, night waking has decreased significantly and seems to have resumed previous pattern of down by 10, up at 1/2 and up again at 5/6, up again at 8/9, play for 1 hour and down again for 1 hour. Up for the day at 11/12. When I mean up, sometimes she’s just transitioning from deep sleep to light sleep back to deep sleep, and would root. It means, for example, last night I have not seen her opening eyes at all between 11pm – 8:30a.m.. Naps are reliable for 2-3 hours first afternoon nap, then second nap is in the evening around 6/7pm usually for 40-60 minutes depending on the first nap.

I’ve also learned that if calculating age of baby, use the actual birthdate, but to monitor milestones, use the EDD especially with premies.

Soooo. May sleeps great. But May’s mom is still somewhat in a daze. That’s because I’m waking up every 2 hours at night and running out of the room in a great hurry to 1) cough 2) pee 3) drink even more water 4)blow nose 5) cough again 6)drink more hot water and then sneak back into the room, lay down, sleep again. I hate colds. Goddamn irritated throat and stuffy nose. Goddamn phlegms that would not dislodge. Poor May has all the symptoms I have, but not the same severity. I nurse her constantly to keep her hydrated and to give most up to date antibodies.

Despite my cold, I made an awesome skillet of bo` lu’c la(‘c today and managed to even deliver that to Son for lunch. May enjoyed meeting all the nurses and residents anyway. She was all arms and legs with excitement. When I brought her home, she nursed and crashed in my arms, but alas, I had to COUGH. But it’s ok. She has been in the Moby since and is napping as usual. Coughing occasionally. Poor baby.

Last night I drank hot kumquat tea made from the kumquat chi. Cap gave earlier this year. I then had a dream where I told my mom, let’s just order bu’n bo` hue^’ from chi. Ti’m, she always has the stock ready made, and we can just simply buy shanks to simmer in the stock and serve. Also, last night, I woke Son up because I desperately needed water and could not, for the life of me, find the bottle anywhere within reach, while May was firmly latched on, so I couldn’t search for it. Well, Son searched within his arm’s reach, couldn’t find it, and then, get this, crashed straight into his pillow and fell asleep again – well, fuck me. I wasn’t mad, but you know what I mean. I was just amazed. One of these days I’ll get even.


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