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Posted on: August 23, 2009

80 tracks of purely Ngoc Lan music as background music for naps, huh huh?  You seem to like it just fine.  While listening to all the songs, I remember once again my one gripe with Ngoc Lan’s singing: she keeps on changing the pronouns.  Some of the changes can really be distracting.  Like “anh dua em sang song… ”  And the “mua dong cua anh/em” – oh man that song confuses the hell out of me.  Sounds like the narrator of the song has disorders off axis I and II of the DSM IV-R…

My mom called to check on us today.  We had a nice chat while I was walking around the room with May in Moby, ready for nap.  We talked until the battery of my cellphone died.

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