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happy days

Posted on: September 2, 2009

the end of summer days are here again. You can always smell it in the air, despite the burning hot sun, the breeze are cold and crisp in early mornings. End of summer days to me always mean the first semester in Berkeley. The cool air, the leaves swaying gently in the sun, the students walking up and down the city streets, the hopeful look in the eyes of vendors, warm coffee smell, cool wood floor beneath bare feet, cool air greeting me when I come home at the end of the day…. I can’t tell you why I remember my first semester in Berkeley with so much happiness when I clearly know that it wasn’t. I was depressed, homesick, heartbroken by an indifferent soon to be ex boyfriend, disoriented, poor, and lost. Yet I was also young, young, and young. My book was blank and my future was open wide and vast. I know these happy feelings come from looking back and understanding that late August of 1999 marked the beginning of my happy life in a place where I will always call home. It marks the place where many wonderful friendships blossomed, where love was found, given, and received. Where lessons learned, mistakes redeemed, and self discovered.

This being the 2nd September being away from my beloved Bay Area now. But these last summer days still bring me happiness. I’m happy to have you in my arms, sweet May. I’m happy that you stretch out your arms asking for me, I’m happy that I can give you naps, I’m happy to tell you about the grandma Helen BBQ that we will miss for the 2nd time but hopefully the last. I’m filled with hope for the future on days like this, I daydream about the future for all of us. My good mood even extends to the cat until he got overstimulated and started to bite me. *smack*


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