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these simple little things

Posted on: September 2, 2009

an old favorite imeem playlist
brings up the ghosts of my former years
the ghosts of my former self
reminds me of the songs I used to play on repeat
is it selfishness
that makes me fear confrontation
of the self I was
with the self I am

i ordered a blended coffee
and a piece of warm apple tart
I sat and ate in silence
my little one looked at the sky outside

– is it a terrible thing I should hide
from admitting that I was filled with love
for my child when she is not
asking for much from me?
is it a terrible thing to say “we”
when so many moments there’s only an “i” awareness?

an old imeem play list
makes me feel no longer 18
i thought i contain the me’s of all ages
all within
but it seems like they are all out there
everytime I miss a beat in the present
i stumble into a me somewhere

i could have ordered a sandwich
could have been to Rome
running up and down the many steps
all alone.

2 Responses to "these simple little things"

haha, may là không đi làm mà còn ngập lụt thế này🙂

o^i tro+`i, comments under poetry category can only be praises !

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