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Posted on: September 6, 2009

my mood goes up and down with the weather. If the temperature dips into low 70’s, my mood goes up. If it goes to 80, my mood goes down. Last week I looked 7 days ahead and saw 70’s straight across. Today, I see 80’s straight across. And those 70’s ? They all turned into 80’s. Grrrrrr… May is now fully capable of rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back, though she’s not really into practicing yet. Is that a cause to celebrate? Who knows. She talks in her sleep and flops around like a fish, so I have been sleep deprived these last 3-4 days. But not super deprived like that one episode 2 weeks back, so I shouldn’t complain. I think teething has begun but no teeth in sight, just the gummy biting during nursing and more drools to fling around.
I have a project: eat our way through the pantry. We will eat everything in the pantry: pasta, noodles, rices, grains, sauces, flour, etc. etc.. It will give me a feeling that we WILL get out of York.


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My mood also change like yours, sometimes. And I can feel it very clearly.

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