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Posted on: September 7, 2009

may smiles

Son got Thursday post call, then friday off, Saturday off, Sunday off, and Monday off. He has been helping me taking care of May an hour here and there each day, and his constant comments = “geez our daughter is BIG.” “She has grown HUGE.” I have been thinking the same thoughts myself. Lately May has settled down about twice a day for nursing in the cradle hold position, and it gave me a chance to compare. She used to lay in my lap neatly with her feet dangling off the edge of my thighs. Now, she sits in my lap with legs on the mattress. I remember visiting my friend whose baby was 3 months old while I helped Chau caring for the 3 week old Katie, and thinking to myself, geez this baby is HUGE. But because I see May everyday, it dawns on me ever so slowly. Despite having to put away most of her old clothes and replace her entire wardrobe recently, how much May has grown hasn’t hit me until yesterday.
Well the little one has been turning over left and right starting last week. I put her on the floor or on the bed or in the crib, give it a few minutes, and May will be on her tummy. She’s not in a hurry. She just lies around looking for a bit before she gets up. I like that. How does your little roll over? This one uses her head to help her legs overcome her tummy. I have not seen a baby uses her head to such extend. But then again, I guess I have not seen that many babies rolling over.
She likes listening to Cesaria Evora during nap time these days. She didn’t squeal or anything like that. She just seems more settled and naps for the full 3 hours. Yesterday she was up at 9am, down for nap at 12pm, woke up at 3:30pm (2 separate naps connecting), down again for another nap at 5:30, up at 6:15, then fussed at 8pm. We gave her a bath, thought she wanted to play a bit, but no, she fussed some more. By 8:30, she was super edgy. I thought “no way!” but went ahead and nurse her down anyway. She promptly accepted my offer, and fell asleep by 9pm. Unheard of. Slept until 9am again this morning, down for a nap with me at 11:30, up at 12:20, down for another 40 minute nap with Son 40 min later, then he brought her home and she woke up (he went for a walk). We played with her a bit, but as her afternoon nap is her longest nap, I put her into the Moby and tried to pick up where Son left off. She is doing well. Down since 3:30. It’s now past 5. Obviously she likes Evora, because I usually need to pat her continuously with 1 hand through her nap. But not lately. I have both hands to blog. Yay.
I just spent $56 buying playmats for her. I got them from here. I noticed our Vietnamese neighbor have a bunch of the used mats in their garage, and I know they would gladly give those to us, after thinking about it, I decided to get brand new mats. It’s one of the few things that I’m picky about. The sleep room arrangement has been working out great for us. May continues to wake throughout the night, probably every 1-3 hours, averaging about 4x/night, but usually it’s her stirring in and out of sleep cycles, kicking me or latching on/off constantly. That is to say, she sleeps well, while I wake up a lot. In general I don’t mind because temperatures are dropping around here! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. AC is still running though. Our energy bill last month? $68. About 3x our old bills. It’s coming to an end soon. I was putting all the fuzzy sleepers into the drawers for May and it made me giddy thinking that soon she will need to wear layers. I hate hot muggy weather. I finished a few books this week: Sweet Mandarin (non fiction, good); Night Time Parenting (non fiction, instructional, here let me just sum it up to save you from reading it: “hold your baby and good luck at night”); Baby Signs; Baby Play; I loved, I lost, I made Spaghetti (memoir, so-so). There are 2 more I plan to finish this week, one is fiction and the other is nonfiction about the black market affair of human organs in China. Son is currently reading my black market human organ book.
I just recently realized that the baby blanket given to us by one of Carla’s clients is handmade. I didn’t have time to unwrap the gift until yesterday, and man that quilt is so cute. I love the choice of color and pattern. It’s great for May to practice rolling on. So I took this picture above and will send it off with a thank you note (long overdue) to her.


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Finally get to meet May. What a cutie. May and Duke were born on the same day, but obviously May is growing much faster than Duke who only grew 25% in his fourth month. Duke turned over when he was 3 month and now he would turn over as soon as we put him down, wrap or unwrap. He hasn’t turned back though. He hasn’t even tried. He started to lean forward with his feet and dragging his face along. Both his nose and chin were red because of that.

thanks Donny, it’s only fair that other parents get to see my kid since I have been looking at theirs all this time. I’ve noticed the coincidences of you guys getting married on the same day as us and then Duke being born on the same day too. 25% growth meaning he has increased by that much or you mean growth percentile?

May has been trying to scoot too, but gives up or la la`ng after 1,2 attempts so her face is still OK. I thought kids learn to roll from tummy to back first, then back to tummy, but apparently both Duke and chuot con are doing it the other way around.

Wow, didn’t know we were married on the day as well. That’s quite a coincidence. At 2 month he grew 50% across the board. At 4 month; however, his weight only gained 25%. We noticed that he didn’t gain much weight after my wife went back to work. He doesn’t like the bottle as much as his mom’s. Can’t blame him though 🙂

just to share about how clumsy I was when I bought MK’s playmat. bought online and found out after it arrived that I have to buy those corner pieces and whatever they call them for the side pieces seperately. after checking the cost of those pieces + shipping I decided not to spend more $$ on just playmat. so there, mk has the weirdest looking playmat … haha

I bought CC’s playmat from BJ Wholesale, has 8 pieces, edges included and it’s only $18 each.

Are yours made in US or Taiwan too? I was going the more expensive route to avoid China… I got mine for $1 per tile, but the shipping was $16, yikes.

I purposely skipped buying the border and corner pieces…

I think mine made in Taiwan. How come you got $1 per tile? I thought that site sells $5 or $6 per tile. I checked out that site before not knowing where to get the mats until I found them in BJ.

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