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is spring arriving in York ?

Posted on: September 8, 2009

No. It’s called “wordpress uh-oh,” aka “widgets pain in the ass.” In short, I tried to stick a widget into wordpress, but apparently you cannot insert a “text” widget into wordpress without giving it a title. How do I know this? Because as soon as I saved my first text widget without giving it a title, wordpress went nuts on me and froze. Anything dynamic on the page on the admin side just stopped working. IE would not even let me display the blog or anything remotely wordpress if it’s tied to my account. The kicker? Everying on the widget admin page is dynamic, so I can’t even go back to kill the widget or make any changes. So I ym’ed Jackie for help, and Jackie being the all knowing one, gave me a temporary fix: change the template. The new template kicks out all widgets. But the unnamed widget still lives on my admin page. The forum of wordpress if full of such complains. No fix has been put in place by wordpress yet. So. Jackie picked “fauna” as the theme. Green is good I guess. Does this explain why twitter stops showing up on my blog? You can always follow me though. The handle is “idlehouse.”


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