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autumn cleaning

Posted on: September 11, 2009

Currently in the process of clearing out house as well as pantry. At least it gives me goals. People are found to live longer if they have goals. I got the bassinet sold on craigslist yesterday. Now I need to get rid of the infant bathtub and the crib. Crib is a bit of a drag just because I want to put it together first before listing it, just to make sure all the parts are there. Also on the “out” list are: sewing machine w/ table, small vacuum cleaner, 3 small tables (really badly made), and maybe the bicycle too. By the time An comes here, the living room (master bedroom) and the kitchen should be more cleared out than when she left here last month. Next project would be to childproof the house and create play areas for May. Though she doesn’t really care about play areas at least for now. I put her down onto the play mat and she seems to work herself up in tears trying to scoot. I helped her out by using my hands as the propelling platform, but while she scoots forward, the babe still cries bitterly as if I’m bullying her. That’s when she get stuffed into the Moby and it’s nap nap time. People tell me that babies sleep better at night if I get them to do a lot of physical activities during the day, so I’m trying my best to make May work out those love handles.

Fatty is asking to be tossed out in the rain. After he’s fed at night and in the morning – sometimes in the afternoon as well – he would scream his head off while standing in the hall way. Unacceptable, especially now that I open the door and invite him into the living room with us. He naps on our bed during daytime. What else does he want? Grrrrrr.

I tried out this recipe 2 nights ago to get rid of our excess CSA okra batch, and it turned out great. We didn’t have white wine, didn’t have lemon, but we did have balsamic vinegar and ketchup. Yum. Still have more okras, so I guess I’ll be at it again today. One nice thing about CSA that needs to be picked up is that they have a give and take box. You put what you don’t want in there, or you can also take what you want from there. You don’t have to give in order to take. But to be fair, I gave up my basils, chilis, flowers, squashes, and edamame in the past in return for okras, kale, kohrabi, eggplants, and lately, edamame. I also want to make some green onion pancakes, but it’s a bit too cold right now for that, so maybe next week when the weather is hitting 80 degrees again. Oops, she just woke up.


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Mèn, dọn qua đó hôm nào chỉ 1 chiếc xe mà giờ có 1 “out” list rồi

WRONG! 1 xe nha` mi`nh + 1 xe Jackie la’i + 20 boxes shipped west to east.

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