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neverending drama aren’t we?

Posted on: September 15, 2009

“HOLY FUCK” is the only way I can verbally sum up my feelings when one night, laying May down for the night’s sleep, I picked up one of her burp cloth that got wedged between the futon and the wall during the day and promptly threw it as far from us as possible because it reeked cigarette smoke. It’s no secret that the whole entire floor below us smoke. I mean, the violin shop always smells like cigarette smoke when we stick our head in to retrieve items, but mostly we know everyone hangs out in the parking lot for their nicotine fixes. We even asked the landlord to make sure that smoking inside the building is not happening, and he told Son that no. Which supposedly makes sense because the whole building is rigged with smoke alarms. Except there are days. Not evey day, but maybe once or twice a week, rainy days, chilly days, hot muggy days, where I know there is some smoking going on downstairs somewhere, because the smell comes up through the floor. My theory is that they smoke in the bathroom while turning the ventilator on. That’s partly why we left most of the bedrooms empty when we moved here. The living room and the 2 bedrooms in the back are exceptions.

So that leaves us moving all sleeping activities right back into the living room. There are 2 air purifiers running 24/7. They have been running for months now. I’m doing my best to sell/give away things via Craigslist. We’ll move next year once the lease is up is my hope. Or sooner if I can manage. Nowhere is really safe in this city really, smoking is all the rage here.


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I should talk like that with May around shouldn’t I? 🙂

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