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i dream a dream as time goes by…

Posted on: September 16, 2009

in my dream i passed by H-Mart but it looked something like structure of Ma^~u Gia’o So+n Ca 14 in VN. They had bins of sale items outside by the wall (of that preschool of course) where I saw FRESH rambutan and rose apples (ma^.n) on display. I grabbed the whole lot and entered the market. These fruits were quite heavy, but I had just begun shopping. I came to the food togo counter, and the guy was just about to close the window. I looked inside and saw that all the stuffs got put away already. But someone else inside saw me and signaled for the guy to serve me. I said “I know you are about to close up. If it’s not of great trouble to you, then I would like to buy some items, but if it’s too much work, let me know.” He said he’ll show me what he has. Guy opened the fridge and pulled out a tray of ready-made Vietnamese subs. I said “I’ll take them all.” Then I wanted some tri-layer agar jelly (green pandan, white coconut milk, brown coffee) I want 3 of those. Then onto che`…. I wasn’t done shopping but May was done with her night sleep. I woke up super hungry, not sure due to the frequent nursing the whole night or due to my dream. Maybe the nursing got me hungry and induced the dream… AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I MISS CALIFORNIA!! Well, I mean I miss asian hubs like San Gabriel Valley, OC, or the Bay Area. I don’t miss Freshno, for example.

I want some pics of Vietnamese tropical fruits to illustrate this post, but I don’t have any original photos. If you have some that you would like to permit me to use, please let me know!


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Có sầu riêng với cóc, chiều này về coi thử có chôm chôm cho bòn. 🙂

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