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many dreams lately

Posted on: September 17, 2009

I had a dream last night where I had a confrontation with a girl at school who turns out to have gang connection. She attacked me and I fought back and then she ran off calling her gangster uncles crying to them that I beat her up unprovoked. Ugh. Son and I left the spot as soon as she made the call, but when we got to our car, the gangsters were already. These gangsters, despite being Hispanic gangsters, spoke Vietnamese and looked like 2 potbellied Vietnamese sleazes. They grabbed Son and he just told me “it’s minor, it’s just going to be minor, don’t worry.” I was all ready to fight AND flight, but his compliance totally caught me off guard. Then, being that it was my dream, even though they dragged Son behind closed doors, I could see and hear clearly what was going on inside. One sleazebag said to another “like, he hit her LIKE THIS, and LIKE THIS, and she was totally defenseless.” I was so pissed. Then May woke me up.


1 Response to "many dreams lately"

CC woke me up while I was dreaming last night too but I can’t recall any of my dreams recently….probably due to new mom’s symptom – lack of retention

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