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21 weeks

Posted on: September 19, 2009

May turned 21 weeks today. She has taken a liking to the Amby again, and has napped in there for 1.5 hours 2x this past week. Another great news is, today, she was super sleepy and yawning her head off when we went to Costco, so when she got into the car, I pulled out a bottle like An has suggested and tried to feed her. She didn’t really eat from the bottle, though she sucked like… 3 times. The rest of the milk was just dripping all over the bib. She ended up chewing on the nipple of the bottle a lot. But the good thing is, she didn’t cry at all. By the time we got close to home, she was so sleepy she just closed her eyes and fell asleep, and didn’t even wake up when the car stopped. Then Son made some noise, she woked up, looked at us, and we were getting ready to get out of the car, I looked back, and SHE DROPPED HER HEAD ONTO HER CHEST AND SLEPT AGAIN. That didn’t last long but it’s the first time I’ve seen her sleeping like that.

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