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Posted on: September 20, 2009

yesterday late evening, May was yawning and rubbing her eyes even though she already had her 3.5 hours of naps. It was almost 8pm so I was torn about giving her another nap, plus I have not had dinner, had not showered, the kitchen needed to be cleaned up; but then I thought, what the heck, threw her into the ergo and went about making dinner for Son and I. May was making all sorts of noise on my back, and then she got loud, as if she was crying.
So I told Son, looks like she is not liking it, let’s get her out. I yanked opened the sleeping hood, and Son came be hind me, but he didn’t do anything. I asked “uh… are her eyes closed?” Yup, her eyes were closed and her mouth was still making all kinds of noise. So we quickly re-fastened the sleeping hood and in less than 3 minutes, she was out.

This morning she started yawning at 9:15, but I didn’t get her to nap until 10:15. By then she had a hard time settling down, so after trying to nurse her without any success, I put her into the Amby where she waited for 10 minutes but still couldn’t sleep, so she got edgy. I pulled her out of the Amby, placed her in the middle of the bed and went to change my shirt so I could wear her. I came out and saw her with eyes tightly shut, mouth still making all sorts of noise, legs kicking wildly in the air. This lasted for 5-7 minutes as I stood there and watched her. Then she got louder and louder, yelling but not crying crying, still, no sleep. I didn’t know what to do, so I started helping her out by shushing her and patting her butt. That was when she opened her eyes. Ooops. So I have been wearing her since. At least she sleeps. I take this as good news, since she seems to be independently developing some sort of self sleep induction…

I need to note this down so that I can remember to track this in months to come.

Oh, and the reason why May couldn’t sleep at 9:15t this morning? We had to go to Rite Aid to get 3 jumbo packs of Pure and Natural Huggies diapers for $5. I followed their suggestion here and it worked. Thanks to my sister in law for alerting me to that deal. Could have gotten 3 packs for $3, but I chickened out and printed only 2 $2 off coupons instead of 3.


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