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getting ready

Posted on: September 21, 2009

May is about to turn 5 months old in 4 days. That’s 1 month away from starting solids. But I’m getting things in placed. I scrubbed her high chair, got the bibs out, got the spoons and cups that Chau sent, and got her to eat milk from the spoon and cup today. Her tongue thrust is still prevalent, but I will continue to get her used to the idea of the spoon for the rest of the month.

I’m also preparing food for her. CSA will, ironically, end precisely on the day May turns 6 months. But I’m saving all of the squashes, some of the beans, some carrots, some beets, and I’ll see if we get any yams. We have tons of potatoes for her also. These are organic veggies at their best – absolutely no spray. I need to get started on clearing out the kitchen so we can install May in there next month. I have already cleared out the livingroom/bedroom so that we have 1/2 of the room designated as May’s play area. That’s about 10×12 area. I need to spend another $50 on foam tiles since the area is so large. I checked out Costco’s tiles but they are made in China and they are also thinner than the ones we have. I’m wondering when should I take a part the crib and replace it with the pack and play?

The day of this SAHM looks something like this:
8am – up for the day. May immediately unload #2 so take her into bathroom for a diaper change and wash face + hands. Ler her hang out diaper free on the changing table in the bathroom (buckled in of course) while I brush my teeth and do my own personal hygene stuffs. Take her back into the livingroom/bedroom and let her hang out on the futon while I turn off the night light, white noise machine, and fans. Then I open all the curtains to let light in, gather up all the dirty diapers from all trashcans to be put outside.
8:30am – move May into the crib, put the futon onto the bed (we have 2 futons, Son sleeps on one on the bedframe, May and I sleep on the one on the floor right next to the bed). Arrange all pillows and blankets and toss the coversheet on everything. Let the cat out of the back room and open all doors in the house so he can roam. Gather all water bottles accumulated during the night to be put outside.
8:30am- pick May up and show her sunlight and trees outside (looking through the windows). Walk around with her a bit.
9am- breakfast for me. Attempting to eat while washing dishes if there are any in the sink. Tidy up the kitchen as needed while May sits in the bouncer. Put May on the playmat on top of the quilt and offer her toys. I eat sitting next to her and if she is happy, I surf the web to check out the weather.
9:30am – May rubs eyes or yawn or whatever. Offer to nurse. If she is content to nurse while I sit on the bed, then I sit on the bed reading. If not, I’m on the rocking chair, or I’m walking around bouncing her. Or I nurse her lying down. If she falls asleep during any of this, great. If not…
10:30am – Change diaper then move the not yet sleeping May into Amby, swinging and shushing her until she falls asleep.
11:00am – May naps. I swing the hammock for the duration of her nap
12:00pm – May wakes up. I pick her up and offer to nurse. When she’s done, change her diaper and play with her a bit
1:00pm – try to get a few things done, either sweeping the floor or vacuum or wash dirty baby laundry or cook or pump… May is either strapped to my back or on the play mat or in the swing.
2pm – lunch for me and May. I feed her milk out of her bowl while I eat my lunch so she can see.
3pm – clear away lunch. Feed cat. Change diaper.
3:15pm – Attempt to nurse May lying down hoping that she would nap that way so I can catch some nap too. If she does, then we spend about 40-60 minutes napping on the bed. When she wakes up, if she still yawns, then I put her into the Moby and walk around the house singing and talking to her, showing her things until she yawns, then hum softly and swinging/bouncing/dancing doing whatever it takes to get her to settle down for nap. If she does not nap lying down, then it’s straight to the Moby.

oops, she is up from her nap.


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