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things that go on behind the login

Posted on: September 23, 2009

behind the login requirement of pho`ng 888, conversations like this occur daily: (this dialog reads from top to bottom). I’ll provide a brief translation for Donna:

me: Ever since I have this baby, I truly act as if money grows on trees; e.g. right after we had May, I sent Son to the store to buy a bunch of baby necessities at regular prices. It wasn’t until the 3rd week that I finally calmed down, and except for the diapers which already got used, we returned the rest, ha ha.
me: and the the other day I was looking at the GroBags, which were priced at $44.99. If I have not had a kid, I would have balked and say shit I’ll just make one myself for 5 bucks
me: but now with kids, seeing that it was on sale from $60, I ordered 3 ha ha.
kiki: been there done that and got a Tshirt too. Maybe after 2nd kid then we regain equanimity, ha ha.
me: and after the 3d kid, we’ll call companies’ presidents like chi. Chi to request for additional discount. (she got a $799 or $599 Dyson from Macy for less than $200, shipped.)


bo`n: dde? ddu+’a thu+’ 3 thi` se~ go.i dde^’n company presidents nhu+ chi. Chi dde^? ddo`i the^m discount
23 Sep 09, 15:02
Mc09: < been there done that got a Tshirt too
23 Sep 09, 15:02
Mc09: hahaha
23 Sep 09, 15:02
Mc09: co' ddu+'a thu+' 2 cha('c se~ bi`nh thu+o+`ng la.i
23 Sep 09, 15:01
bo`n: ha ha
23 Sep 09, 15:01
bo`n: mi`nh do+'t 3 ca'i
23 Sep 09, 15:01
bo`n: but co' con thi` mi`nh tha^'y no' "on sale" from $60
23 Sep 09, 15:01
Mc09: yupe … know exactly what you mean
23 Sep 09, 15:01
bo`n: ne^'u chu+a co' con mi`nh dda~ no'i shi.t mi`nh tu+. may se~ la` $5
23 Sep 09, 15:01
bo`n: ho^m kia ngo' ca'i GroBag 2.5 Tog gia' 44.99 mi`nh balked
23 Sep 09, 15:00
bo`n: and then sau 3 tua^`n mo+'i tu+` tu+` calm down, ngoa.i tru+` ta~ thi` already xa`i, the rest ddem tra? he^'t ha` ha`
23 Sep 09, 15:00
bo`n: ddie^?n hin`h la` sau khi sinh, sent S ra cho+. mua 1 ddo^'ng neccessities ma` regular price
23 Sep 09, 14:59
bo`n: tu+` ngay` co' con mi`nh coi tie^`n nhu+ n'c for real .. I'll


4 Responses to "things that go on behind the login"

hahaha, see see see … Hồi mới có M ôi thôi là mua đồ, mua quá chừng, cái áo $15-20 coi là quá rẻ, mua một lần mấy cái . Đến lúc có N thì bớt lại một chút, cái áo trên $15 thì còn suy nghĩ lại .. sau khi có Út thì haha, áo under $5 phải còn second thought haha …

mi`nh 1 ddu*’a cu~ng dda~ tie^’c kie^.m bo*’t cho mi`nh rui`..co`n cho con thi` xa? la’ng hahaha…maybe co’ 2nd, co’ 3rd thi` se~ nhi.n luo^n

Troi oi doc cai nay mac cuoi qua’!
So true, hahaha

cho`y, me. SS ddang cho+` dde? ddi dda`o archive catch up a` lol

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