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another post about sleep

Posted on: October 3, 2009

Thursday May didn’t nap too well (doing just 2.5 hours of naps total during the day) and I got her to bed late – a bit after 9pm. It took her 1 hour to settle, and when she finally did sleep, it was 10:30ish. I thought later bed time would mean a later wake up time – wrong. She was up at 7am on the dot, clearly still tired, but could not get back to sleep no matter how hard we both tried. She would be on the brink of sleeping, and then just couldn’t get over to the other side, and got upset. We both got nothing done for 4 grueling hours of fuss fuss fuss and more fuss. I was miserable, May was miserable. When she finally napped, she only managed 30 minutes before waking up crying. In the afternoon, I threw all my efforts into giving her the 2nd nap, and she pulled a 3 hour stretch waking up at 5pm. I then made it a point to be in bed by 8pm last night, no excuse. And we did. 8:00pm and we were down. May was still a bit overtired at first, kicking and fussing around for 15 minutes. I got up, walked her around the nightlight (whenever she fusses, I just showed her the nightlight while rocking/bouncing/swinging/patting her, so eventually just showing her the night light is good enough), then we were good for the night. By 9pm, she was sleeping. She hit her light sleep cycle around 7am this morning, I thought she would wake up, but she drifted quietly back to sleep until half past 8. YAY!! Clearly, she’s sending us the message that she needs an earlier bed time, otherwise, she has been waking up consistently at 7am and would rub her eyes and yawn like mad, but could not get back to sleep until an hour later, if any. This means I’m going to bed at 8pm now. I used to think I would kill myself if I have to go to bed at 8, but apparently, with a good book light and plenty of books to read, I’m ok. So! This means no one can reach me in the evening. You can try calling Son maybe? We both turn our cell phones off though. I might switch back to my old cellphone because it has a very pleasant 1-beep tone that doesn’t wake May up, that way I can leave my cell phone on. Plus, the Razor has been acting like a pain, running out of battery every 12 hours of being idle. We’ll see. When day light saving’s time end, I’m going to bed at 7:30. eeks.


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