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not news I’m sure

Posted on: October 4, 2009

but it’s official: I’m depressed when sleep-deprived beyond a certain number of hours. Like today. I don’t feel like myself. No energy nor motivation to do anything with May and for May. I sat next to her watching her playing and yet felt so removed. All these are classic symptoms of depression. Blah. I need those 3 hour stretches of continuous sleep to return soon! Sleep is not only important due to its restorative value, but also a respite from physical pains. The constant tugging and sloppy latches are killing me. The pains are what compound my blues. Exhaustion alone can be suppressed, but piling pain on top of it takes too much energy to manage.

Outwardly I’m still functional and OK. I’m sure many moms are like this. This is just what’s going on internally for me. If I get a break tonight, I’ll find myself happy again tomorrow, I’m sure. I think Jukki needs sleep


4 Responses to "not news I’m sure"

awww…hug hug hug!

I fell ya…**hug**

hubby, bác đồng hương … if someone can help you out for a couple of hours would help a lot

Big hugs Bo`n,
yeah, taking care da baby 24/24 is da hardest job. Chi. cu~ng hay wishing sme1 can help out couple hr so chi. can restore some energy.
Ask o^ng ba` o+? ga^`n ddo’ giup’ em dduo+.c 0?

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