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improvement in every department except for the department that never improves

Posted on: October 14, 2009

Tomorrow will be Oct 15, and you would have turned 6 months had you arrived on the 15th. But we’ll have to wait 10 more days to start you on solid, because you preferred the 25th. An’s coming on the 24th, so that’s 2 good things to look forward to. You have shown a lot of interests in our food lately, dropping everything to watch us when we drink or eat. Yesterday you even smacked your lips.

Let me see… You have mastered the art of rolling across the floor. I’m not sure if you have definite goals. To me, you seem to reach destinations haphazardly rather than with purpose. I’ll keep an eye out for that one. You have begun getting up on your hands and knees to rock back and forth at the end of last week. You managed to push your body backward last week using your hands. Your feet finally reached your mouth now. Before, you grabbed and kicked at the same time, so the two limbs were always wrestling with each other. You stretch out your arms to ask for me at bedtime when you are sleepy. You can sweep objects toward you for closer examination, you can also grab objects. You are showing more interests in toys, and have developed preferences. You like the two Lamaze toys and grab all the tags from any object. You know to press the keys on the Vtech piano to produce sounds. You can spin the crab and the starfish on the aquarium soother. You can shake the rattles, but you don’t care for them much. You like to explore the paper diaper bag I keep near our bed. You also like the Up&Up bag of cottonballs in the bathroom.

We got you a new bathtub and have started to give you baths every night. You are so keen on kicking, as soon as your legs touched the water, you pressed your lips against each other and kicked as if it’s your job to save the world. Sometimes I have to call your name, and then you’d remember to look up and smile at us. Ba mainly bathes you at night while I get our beddings set up for the night. After bath, you get a bit of diaper free time, then lotion, hugs, and nurse to sleep.

Sometimes I look at you playing by yourself mostly during your waking hours and wonder why I get stressed out? It’s quite easy caring for you when you are awake. I guess it’s the 1-2 hours trying to get you to nap, and then if you wake up too soon from one nap, it’s rinse and repeat again throughout the day until you stop rubbing your eyes red. At night you still wake up very often, Every 1-2 hours. But you fall asleep fairly quickly now, so I don’t get kicked and that keeps me happy. Last night? You were nursing from 8:40-12:15. Yikes. You didn’t kick though. I think the new sleeping sack does not agree with you.

Your hair in the back is slowly growing back. You keep on pulling the hair on the side and your ears though. You are interested in the cat this past month, and like to look at animals in general. I sometimes bring you to the big acorn tree near the school to see flocks of squirrels feeding. Last week you were in the exersaucer and the cat walked by, you turned to him and started talking and smiling.

Tomorrow there is a play date meeting… What do you think May? Should we go ? Will you sleep until 10:30 like today so we can go?


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