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Posted on: October 17, 2009

I’m still faithfully plowing through “Dreaming in Hindi” and abusing my poor sleep deprived befuddled brain in the process. The author opens with info about the Hindi language not containing words for tomorrow and yesterday, because to the people speaking that language, time is always here and now. Then she goes on to offer 30000 different theories and studies and findings and concepts pertaining to linguistics and second language acquisition from neuro to psycho to socio to anthro aspects. Every now and then when my head is not throbbing from the recent bout of sleeplessness, I would remember interesting points like to a Hindi speaker, time is like a flickering flame or a spider web, whereas to an English speaker, time is like an arrow; to a Chinese speaker, time rises up from the ground to the heavens. Whatever that means. Then I learned about stimulus appraisal theory, 5 ways people appraise their experience: how pleasant it is; how compatible is it with your self image and self/social-image; how relevant is is to your goals and needs; how able you are to cope with it; how novel it is.
My brain hurts to remember that in another life, I did learn all these things ; in another universe, I did sit in class and nodded through such concepts and even ace a few tests. In this life, I’m thinking gosh, this book jumps all over the place, and it really drives home the sense of disorientation and chronological displacement that the author felt when she threw herself into the total immersion program in Udaipur the year 9/11 happened. I was also thinking, why do I doggedly pursue this painful undertaking when I have 5 other potentially more pleasant books waiting for me to finish before their due date of 10/26… I have “Say You’re One of Them” and “Everything Matters” in the midst too… And then my brain says “wouldn’t it be great if we can just nap?” WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT? But I’m a turtle today with the cutest shell on my back snoozing right now, so I can’t just sit down to nap, let alone lie down. So I walk back and forth reading “Dreaming in Hindi” and tortue my poor brain some more. This book has the unique quality of making me craving for sleep when I’m vertical and not inducing any sleep when I’m prone…
Cu. shipped a box of jujubes over on Friday and I’m almost through eating them. Yum. The farm stand ran out of Red Delicious apples but their golden ones are just as good. Son came home early yesterday to give May her late nap and played with her, so I got a chance to make some radish cakes with the CSA radishes. I also made bu’n rie^u not using any of the canned stuffs, and Son and I both liked it much better. The canned stuffs gave me horrible indigestion during pregnancy and postpartum. From no on I’ll just stick to the pork+shredded dried shrimps+eggs+onion mixture. It can also be made with costco crab meat and fresh shrimps pulverized.
Poor Son is on call this weekend so May sees only me. Monday is another playdate for May.
About May. She cries to be picked up now, but I just talked to her and finish what I need to do before going to her. Talking stalls the full blown crying for a bit. Then I come and cover her face with kisses until she stops crying and start yelling out of annoyance – because then she’ll open her eyes and see what I have to offer – plus she looks so funny when she is annoyed. She doesn’t do this all the time (cryinve. Mostly when she first wakes up after her nap on me (you’d think she’s had enough of being held!) and I have to put her down in order to extricate myself from the various wraps; or when she is sleepy and I need to put her down in order to put the wraps on in order to carry her.

What’s so good about the weekend and holidays? The chimneys are not working under us and our home is cigarette-smoke-free. One time I went downstairs to retrieve some boxes while holding May, and Mark was smoking outside. He offered to help and I said no no, I’m fine thank you, enjoy your break. Then he came over and said, let me hold the door open for you at least. Ack. SMOKES. May, I’m sorry for having forseen this as an issue, didn’t realize how big of an issue it is until I’m staying at home all day with you. Last year Son and I both worked so we didn’t get home until the shop closed for the day and the smell must have dissipated because we opened all windows and doors in the apt regardless of weather. I wonder if that’s the reason why the two cats, especially Crippled, went bonker the moment they arrived in York… I’m committed to getting rid of our stuffs piece by piece and move as soon as we find a suitable place.


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