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not reverse cycling – reverse cycling

Posted on: October 18, 2009

the definition of reverse cycling is when the baby ends up eating more at night instead of during day time. Many daycare/bottlefed babies do reverse cycling when mom returns to work, so the babe figures out that the boobfet is now open all night yippee. With May, it’s a different thing. She uses the boob to bridge her into the next sleep cycle at night, or it used to be that I used the boob to nudge her into the next sleep cycle at night when her sleep went from 3-4 hour stretches to waking up every hour. So now she roots. And because she roots, she gets the boob. And because she gets the boob, she gets milk. Aaaaand because she gets milk, by early morning time, she would toss and turn and latch and unlatch and fuss until I hear her plumbing goes to work. Then she does the “sighssssssssss” of relief and closes her eyes to sleep. Then I sit up and take a breath and change her poopy diaper, walking her up in the process for sure, because it is now fall, her sleep clothings are no longer just a long sleeve onesie. Sighs. The last 3 nights, she pooped at 10pm, 3am, and 7am. Each time the diaper change occurred, that’s about 1 hour loss of sleep because it would take her about 30 minutes to settle back into sleep, and usually when I change 1 diaper and she becomes fully awake, she gives me 1 or 2 more to change…
So we are kinda stuck in this quandary for now. During day time she is pooping less. I’m working on changing that. But still… I swear I’m feeding her every 3 hours or more if she is too distracted. Oh well. The babe is working on her crawl. She can get from place to place now with great effort. More like lunging, but she does get up on hands and knees. She just doesn’t know the hands need to help the knees move. But she gets to her destination some how. The great thing I’m still thankful for is that at night, when I change her diapers, some times I need to go wash my hands, or go pee, or find another shirt for her… when i come back, I would find her still lying in bed, waiting. She doesn’t roll over to look around, you see? She knows night time is for sleeping. So I’m still thankful for that.
Today the weather went from 40 degrees to 52 and sunny, so we took a slow stroll through the neighborhood. May gave me a gift of 1.5 hour nap from 10:30-noon today, in bed. And then another 40 minute nap at 2:30pm today, in bed. So I got sleep. Yay for me. I’m still thinking about the reverse cycling thing. Then I think oh well, I survived 6 months, what’s another 6 months :D. The other day Son came home and said hey babe, my med student also hasa 5 month old, and they trained their baby to sleep for 12 hours. I said they let the baby cry it out right? Son said yeah, it takes them 2 weeks. I said yeah and everytime the baby is sick or if they travel, they would need to retrain the baby again. Then I said look at her and tell me if you are willing to see this face cry herself to sleep. May was so happy to see her father that night, as usual. Look at that face and tell me you are willing to let that face cry if you can help it. Son said no, no, we can’t. The cry it out method is always in the back of my mind, same as the self doubt – am I doing her a favor ? Am I giving her a bad sleep habit? I’ll never know. I just figured since my foster family allowed me to co-sleep with someone for all the years I spent with them, and my sleeping habits are no worse, I can give May that much. Geez. As a teenager, I used to sleep with the lights on and the radio playing all sorts of Vietnamese music because I shared a room with 2 sisters. In college I can fondly recall 2 years of sleep sleep and sleep. I don’t know why, ever since I got to York, my sleep got crappy. I do’nt know if it’s age or if it’s because of all the cigarette smokes around here… We are working on it, little one. We are working on moving out…


2 Responses to "not reverse cycling – reverse cycling"

haha, in my family we all shared bed until one got married then that person continue to share bed … haha 🙂
tsk tsk tsk …may may may, do you really want mama wear you at night to reverse the not reverse cycling or what? we don’t poop ok, girl!

I meant we don’t poop at night … haha sowwie

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