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I can almost see the back cover now

Posted on: October 23, 2009

Last night after May had fallen asleep and I hadn’t, I snuck down to the foot of the bed and picked up reading “Dreaming in Hindi” under the blanket while keeping an eye on the sleeping babe. This book is hard to read at times, because it talks about the violence between the Hindu majority and the Muslim minority. The narrator was not there to report or to learn about this, but as much as the newspaper failed to report the violence and tension, she couldn’t help but notice the tension in the air and rumors traveling. The right wing extremists’ (a minority) agenda was to cleanse India of the Muslim minority and turn Hinduism into nationalism. The Muslim minorities retaliated. It went back and forth. In the end, women and children were the ones bearing the brunt of violence. I got to as far as the part where a pregnant Muslim woman was gang-raped and then one of the perpetrator of the crime slit open her belly and impaled the fetus on a sword. Then May flipped and I tossed the book aside to hug my baby and find some sleep.

It makes me rethink all the news report about the BJP cooperation with the US government to help arrest terrorists and what that meant.


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