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Posted on: October 28, 2009

May started eating solid this past weekend. I’m reaching the point where I enjoy motherhood. Making food for her everyday and watching her sampling the different things really makes my day. A while back, my friend gave us the Beaba Baby Food Maker, and oh this thing rocks. And because I stay at home, I have the luxury of being able to make fresh food for May everyday, no need to freeze. I make about 1/3 cup of a fruit or vegetable every afternoon, and that would last for 1.5 days. Fruits are served cold and veggies are served room temperature or warm. May typically gets 2-4 different things daily, and I consult my “Cuisinary Artistry” book to get fruits and vegetables that complement each other for pairing. I told you I love this part of mothering ha ha. I make sure I taste everything I make for her, and retaste them before serving them to her. That’s how I found out that the puffs cereals made by Target that claims to be comparable to Gerber puffs taste really offensive – sugary in an artificial/sweetener way. Yuck. An and I went to Giant and found a different brand, organic something something, that has less ingredients and much less sugar. If you know some baby rice puffs that has no sugar at all, please let me know. I mean, no sweetener. Because there are puffs out there that says “sugar free” and has sucrose of something or another. THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEAN.
Oh, and I was also telling An that there’s some baby food at Walmart with a very offensive claim to be naturally flavored, and as I was saying, I picked up a container of Gerber Baby puff cereal that says “naturally flavored with other natural flavors.” Here, you can look at the label yourself.

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