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27 weeks today

Posted on: October 31, 2009

We went for an early morning hike before An was due for the airport on the same day. You slept on the way to the airport but cried on the way back. At first I thought you were hungry so I pulled into the parking lot of the Marriot. You ate for a bit. It started to rain hard and the sky wasn’t getting any lighter, so I got onto the freeway again. You cried. I sang Yankee Doodle. You listened. I stopped. You cried. I sang. Thus began the 45+ minute marathon of singing all the way back to York. And no, I could not sing half heartedly. I had to sound upbeat and excited and whatnot, otherwise you cried.

On Sunday we went for an early morning walk in spite of the 48 degrees chill. I bundled you up well and let you pull on all the leaves we could reach. You had so much fun that when we got back, I fed you in bed and you slept for more than 1.5 hours, giving me a nice nap. In the afternoon you pulled another 1.5+ hours on the bed again, so I had yet another nap! I think it’s because you’ve realized An is gone and all the excitement of having a guest in the house is gone, so you are catching up with rest. Later that night, mindful of the time change, your father and I rushed to have you in bed by 8pm because you started rubbing your eyes at 7. But after crying all that tears in your father’s arms and kicking me while I tried to nurse you to sleep, you were still trying to roll over. So I turned on the lamp, picked up my book and read with one eye on you. You practiced pulling yourself up into a sitting position for a good 30 minutes, then started rubbing your eyes and moved more sluggish. When I nursed you to sleep the 2nd time, you were much more willing and fell asleep soon after.

At 27 weeks you almost succeed in pulling yourself up into seating position from the side lying position that you have been doing the whole past month. When I seat you up, your back muscles can now support you so that you could sit up straight. You can lunge relatively well now, but you are more preoccupied with trying to sit up than trying to move from place to place. You are grabbing things, but in a slow and very subtle manner. It would be a few moments when I hold something and then feel a gentle tug of your little hands. Papers and plastic bags are your preferred grabs. You recognize the worlds “dde`n” and “qua.t” and “splash” (light; fan) as well as your name. You have a clear preference for the song Yankee Doodle. You complain more often these days 🙂


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