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6 months check up

Posted on: November 3, 2009

weight: 18 lbs 9.8 oz (dropped 1 lb from a bm this morning …)
length: 26.75″
head circ: 17″

Not as heavy as I thought! Which means…. I can still use size 2-3 diapers on her – great. Her length is catching up with her weight now, both logging in at 90%. Head circ is also catching up at 75%. May got 3 shots today plus an oral vaccine. The 3rd shot was a seasonal flu shot due to traveling. I’m leaning towards no, but Son was there and he recommended… May cried in surprise when she got the first 2 shots – we distracted her by giving her the keys, currently the most desired object. Then we jingled the keys again and she shrieked with delight, only to be jabbed with the 3rd shot in the other thigh. Poor babe. As soon as I picked her up, the crying subsided. Doc said the ridges of her teeth couldn’t be felt but can be seen, so maybe in the next couple of weeks we might have teeth.

Son consoled May by letting her ride on his neck all the way to the car. They look so cute together like that.


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