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Posted on: November 10, 2009

too busy shopping recently so no blog entries. I have an obsession with Gap PJ’s for babies. I have also been searching for footed sleepers (1 piece) for May, but the search continues… I didn’t want to buy fleece footed sleepers, but in the end I reluctantly gave in and bought 2 with the giftcard we still have from last Xmas. Carter’s. The quality of their stuffs have really really gone down the drain. I got some used Carter’s stuffs donated to us, and the material used to be soft, thick, and well made. Nowadays their stuffs really suck, the fabric thin and coarse, not made to last. I figure I’ll go to CA and sort through KC and Katie’s and O^’c’s stuffs. They’ll probably have plenty. If not, when I get back, I might just shell out for a few high quality organic quilted blanket sleepers. The terry material is the worse offender in the category of discomfort. May tolerates the blanket at night, but I think she sleeps better without them, at least for now. So I’ve taken to dress her in 2-3 layers the way Chau used to dress Nathan for bed. Pants, leggings, socks, the whole nines. As long as May eats at least 1 tbsp of solid each day, the pooping at night doesn’t happen.

I finished reading “Everything Matters” last week, and am about to be done with “Strength in What Remains.” The first book is fiction and the second is nonfiction. First book is entertainingly written, though not insightful or particularly enlightening. The second is recommended, but not for the weak of stomach. I picked it up after reading an excerpt that went: “A young man arrives in the Big City with two hundred dollars in his picket, no English at all, and memories of horror so fresh that he sometimes confuses past and present. When Deo first told me about his beginnings in New York, I had a simple thought, “I would not hae survived.” And then, two years later, he enrolls in an Ivy League university. How did this happen? Where did he find the strength, and how had he won the beneficence of strangers? How had it felt to be him?” Enticing is it not? Ugh. Apparently Deo fled from Burundi, a neighboring country of Rwanda I didn’t know existed. Apparently Burundi had its own version of genocide during its own civil war in the early 90’s involving Tutsi and Hutu people. I read most of it deep into the night until I felt sufficiently sleepy before I could put it down. I couldn’t stop before that, otherwise I was afraid I would lay there thinking and would lose sleep.
There are about 4 more books in the trunk of the car. Maybe I’ll start on a lighthearted fiction or something after this….
Son’s almost near the end of his Board preparation madness. Once he’s done with it (and passes it) I can’t wait for us to spend more family time together. Son has been making every effort to spend time with May and I, but I’m always feeling guilty or anxious about keeping him away from his studies. I can’t wait until I stop feeling like that.
May lifts one of her eyebrows a lot when talking to me. Deliberately. She scrunches up her eyebrows a lot too, when she scrutinizes something. Those are probably Son’s genes, since I don’t do those things and cannot lift one eyebrow without also lifting the other.
Maybe I’ll upload some new pics soon. Maybe tomorrow. This week May has been taking quite a few naps lying down on the bed with me, so I don’t spend as much time in font of the computer as I usually did.


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