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2 more weeks

Posted on: November 12, 2009

until Thanksgiving.
Twelve more days until we travel.
Four more days until my eye exam & new glasses.
1.5 more months until the year is over.

Can’t say time flies though it does seem like it from the numbers.
We went for another playdate today. These playdates are getting slightly better now that May is looking at other kids at least. In addition to Anna who is 9 months and Alysa who is 11 months, we now have Noah who is 10.5 months. At one point today, we managed to get Alysa, Noah, and May all sitting together playing peacefully for a few minutes, before Alysa crawled off to follow the big girls and Noah crawled off in the other direction looking for one of the cats. May didn’t mind. There were lots of toys for her to chomp on where she was.
May now looks in the direction that I point, recognizes the world “me`o,” and grab my hand to bring food closer to her mouth if it’s something she’s interested in. Perhaps her gums have become tender lately, hence the bitter crying when I gave her big rings of apples and pears to gum. I don’t know. Sometimes she’s in a bad mood and i seat her at the table, within minutes, she would be in tears, wailing. Bananas were tolerated for a few meals and then it’s time to move on. I suspect all the tears are due to her being on the brink of crawling but still has yet figured out the mechanics of it. I saw her making attempts this morning, but arms and legs coordination was still off. From what they say on Kellymom, this can cause a normally happy baby to turn into a whiny one.
The roof leaked again. I mean, it leaked before An came, then the roofer came to patch it up, and the next rain, it leaked.
Done with reading “The Strength of what Remains.” Now onto “In the Valley of Mist.” I’m up for another nonfiction after all.


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