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things overheard at playdates

Posted on: November 13, 2009

with 3-year old toddlers
“Honey, we do not hit our friends with the bathroom stool.”
“Honey, we do not sit on our friends.”
“Honey, we do not hit our friends with the chair.”

stay tuned for more. These are 2 angelic little girls we’re talking about. Apparently the boy in the group, 3.5 year old Henry, is the peaceful one.

2 Responses to "things overheard at playdates"

Hello chi,

Since you don’t have a guestbook on multiply, I wanted to post my comment here to thank you for stopping by my site🙂
I will start reading your blog here, and hopefully learn more about taking care of infants, something that I desperately need at this moment.

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