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things that breastfeeding mothers dream…

Posted on: November 18, 2009

Recently, as in the past 2 weeks, under the influence of stories about the Burundi conflicts and the Kashmiri conflicts, I have been dreaming dreams where I have to leave the country, the camp, the “situation” for numerous reasons. However, there’s one unifying event in all of them. Like last night, I dreamt that I was in some sort of political camps, the horrible North Korea sort of camps where no one can get out. But somehow my “mothership” found me and gave me some important lethal document with instructions for how I can get out. Once out, I must carry out the mission that the document will specify. At the last moment before the great escape, I had one thought: “Che^’t me., who’s gonna breastfeed May?? I didn’t pump so she won’t have anything to eat!!”
Next scene: me yanking my top off and nursing May in a peaceful domestic setting.

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